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Brett Ray
Lead Teacher/The Solid Fam Founder

Since 1986 Brett Ray has been an International Speaker doing Conferences and Events across the United States and worldwide. During that time, he has spoken to tens of thousands of people about Family, Parenting, Marriage, and the Love of God. Currently, Brett pours his marriage and parenting heart into making life-changing video content that is having a major impact on a new generation of families. He and his wife Carol live in small-town Michigan with their dog, Penny Lane. There they actively mentor young families and are the main creators of The Solid Fam content. Brett has also been the creative force behind Brett Ray's Tuesday Tiny Tips, where he shares his wisdom and shortcomings on Marriage and Parenting.

The Solid Fam

is a non-profit focused on developing life-changing video content on the topics of Marriage, Parenting, Family, and the Love of God. Over the last 20 years, this content has been impacting countless marriages and parents and taking families from Survive to Thrive in live conferences and events worldwide. Brett and Carols' heart for young families comes out in everything they do, and they are passionate about seeing families grow friendships that will last a lifetime. Brett is a veteran speaker of the ministry "Family Life," which he accredits for mentoring him through the years on all things marriage and parenting.