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"Faith Guacamole" & "Marriage Guacamole" eBooks!

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Solid, time-tested wisdom regarding your faith and marriage in these 2 Inspiring "Guacamole" eBooks!

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Family Guacamole: Five Ingredients to a Communicating Family (Video Course) $99.97

Class One/Ingredient One is a parenting class called “Deep Dive into Your Child’s Interests” that takes you through step by step on how to get into the things your child loves and be able to speak that language with them. This is a powerful way to connect with your kids, so they feel treasured from preschool age all the way through High School. My Five Adult Children feel like they hit the Jackpot having parents who got intimately into their worlds and spoke their Interest Languages.

Class Two/Ingredient Two is also a parenting class and is called “A Five-Star Parenting Rating from Your Kids?”. In this class, we talk about how to have an overall Positive Impact on our kids in everyday life. The fact is that our kids don’t always like us. If we're doing parenting right; this happens with our kids; however, we have the powerful privilege of wearing two hats as a parent as we guide and direct our kids to live healthy lives. The Hat of Disciplinarian, and the Hat of Friendship. We show you exactly what these invisible hats look like and how we will run into a lot of trouble with our kids that is very avoidable if we only wear one of these hats and not both of them.

Class Three/Ingredient Three is a class for you and your spouse, and it’s called “Overcoming the Paralyzing Fear of a Spiritual Marriage”. It is about the fact that my and Carol’s imperfect marriage has thrived through the years because we honestly don’t believe our union is just the two of us. We believe our successful marriage is made up of a three-way relationship with each other and our Creator, and how this has been a powerful relationship between the three of us that has been unbreakable for over 30 years.

Class Four/Ingredient Four is one people rave about because it’s getting back to the basics about connecting as a whole family. It is called “Discovering the Lost Art of Suppertime” and takes you through step by step action points to having an incredible sit-down dinner with your family and all that that has to offer the members of your crew.

And Class Five/Ingredient Five is about how each one of your family members can have a healthy and balanced understanding of the Love of God, and it is called “One Simple Truth That Changes Everything”. Do you ever feel like you are striving to get God’s approval in your life? Relax and enjoy this powerful class on letting go of striving and allowing God’s love to penetrate your heart. Then be able to teach your kids this healthy, biblical way of understanding God’s unchanging love for each of us. He made the first move to love us first, and that makes all the difference.

Also, every one of our classes comes with a helpful, engaging, Handbook so that you can apply what you’ve learned in the classes and tailor those action points and that wisdom specifically to your family and their needs.

Something you should know: Our classes that talk about our Family’s Faith are always done in a non-preachy, non-threatening way that points the way to our loving Creator who is crazy about us. People say our approach to our Faith is refreshing because it is a Biblical and grace-centered teaching that deeply encourages the believer and, at the same time, welcomes unbelievers to sit back and check out the love of God in our family and marriage without being judged or disrespected.

You don't want to miss out on these life-changing classes that have helped so many families connect in a deeper, more intimate way!